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Bulk Suppliers Of Menthol Crystals (In Philippines)

Fine Organics is the only WHO-GMP & US FDA registered manufacturer of natural Menthol Crystals based in India. Fine Organics are offering Menthol Crystal in the Philippines, which is usually required for manufacturing different mint based products. Our menthol is of 99.5% purity with a very strong and fresh menthol note. Primary applications are tobacco industry, pain relief industry, flavour industry, pharmaceutical industry and many others.

We can offer Menthol Crystals BP/ USP along with DMF. . These menthol crystals are offered in 25 kg Fibre Drums to meet the various requirements of the clients at the most affordable price and are shipped usually in a 20 foot refrigerated container. We have esteemed customers of Menthol Crystals in Manila, Cebu and Quezon City.