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    Fine Organics

    Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Natural Mint Derivatives since 1990.

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    Export-Quality Products

    Clients ranging from all over the globe like USA, China, France, Germany, Spain and Philippines.

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    Affordable Products

    Fine Organics is putting an endless effort to deliver prime quality mint derivatives at an economically feasible price for millions of people all over the Globe.

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    We Deliver Quality

    The name needs no introduction. Fine Organics holds monopoly in specific Fields of Perfumery Intermediates.

We Are Best In Class

The Company is serving all the quality conscious customers of the Mint and Natural Aroma Industry from all states of India and 20+ countries across the globe. The Company under its brand Fine Organics (100% Export Oriented Unit) gives complete assurance of Quality, Consistency & Optimum prices. International Standard Parameters are set for the quality of the products. We are dedicated to offer timely delivery and committed service.

Our Esteemed Products

We manufacture a broad and diverse range of Natural Mint Derivatives and aroma chemicals encompassing all major processing technologies for the flavor and fragrance industry.

Quality Aroma Chemicals

The technical division of the company has set up a rigorous Quality Control regime, which randomly inspects the physiological and microorganism indicators of products during their production.

Our World-Wide Sale

Fine Organics' Aroma chemicals are sold and distributed globally through our extensive supply chain networks.

Natural Aroma & Essential Oil

Aromatic Chemicals, Essential Oils, Food Additives, Food Ingredients, Forest Chemicals, Natural Aromatic Chemicals, and many more subcategories.

Infrastructure in brief

Total area :  10,000 SQ. METER

Total Reaction Capacity : 100,000 LTRS.

Total Distillation Capacity : 35,000 LTR/Day

Connected Power : 600KVA

Cooling Water Tower : 2000TR

Chilled Water & Chilled Brine Capacity : 500TR

Storage capacity : 500,000 LTR

Crystalization Chamber capacity : 100 tonnes/month

Deep freezer capacity : 400 tonnes/month

Pyrolysis units : 2

Auto Clave Capacity : 20000 LTRS.

Crystal drying chamber with conveyer belts : 2


Drug License (GMP)

ISO 9001:22000

WHO certified

Kosher Certificate

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

“Two star export house” recognized by govt of india

Member of Chemexil, Mumbai

Member of Ifeat

Member of WPC

FDA registration

Member of EXPORT Promotion  Council for EOU & SEZ units

Our Product is Exported World-Wide

Fine Organics Products List

Menthol Large Crystals – BP/USP

Menthol Small Crystals – BP/USP

Menthol Molten (99%) - BP/USP

Menthol Powder Molten (96%)

Cormint Oil/Crude Mentha Oil (72% L –Menthol)

Peppermint Oil Terpeneless (40% L-Menthol)

Peppermint Oil Terpeneless (All Grades)

Menthone (70:30)

Menthone (80:20)

Menthone (95:5)

Iso Menthone (85% Min)

Dementholized Peppermint Oil with Terpene (40% L-Menthol)

Dementholized Peppermint Oil with Terpene (All Grades)

Menthyl Acetate (All Grades)

Mint Terpenes

Cis-3-Hexenol (Natural 98%)

Our Manufacturing Plant

Newest Distillation Columns

Analytical Laboratory

Crystal Storage at Ambient Temperature

Automated Instuments